1. Denso is working on an adaptive cruise control system that controls speed between 0 and 20 mph for fender bender-inviting heavy traffic situations. They're also cooking up a heads-up display projection system that is always up, reducing driver distraction. But if you don't even have to worry about slamming into the car in front of you, how distracted could you be? Oh yeah, I forgot about cell phones, makeup, electric razors, taco salads to go, Excel spreadsheets, and those living distractions, children.

[Via TCC]

2. Bosch, the world?s largest automotive supplier, made a plea for common standards in automotive electronics, since it is thought that 70 percent of all warranty claims are based in electronics.

3. Hydrogen-powered vehicles will ?take transportation out of the environmental equation.? However, hydrogen is almost never found hanging out by itself, making harnessing it difficult and expensive. And how is this news?

4. The deputy administrator of the EPA thinks it?s possible to have a family sedan that gets 110 mpg within 10 years.

5. China is starting to kick some ass in electronics production, which in turn has a large effect on the automotive industry.

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