The XLR has a lot going for it: performance that trumps competition from Lexus and Mercedes; a magnetic ride control system that manages to keep the car flat in turns but supple over bumps; one of them trick metallic origami roofs; superfluous but really cool gadgetry like the keyless start option; and forward-thinking styling that retains the edginess of the original Evoq concept. So what's the problem, then? If I may be completely unscientific for a moment: I see ten times more SC430s and SL500s than XLRs. It can't be a lack of ability or features or stunning looks. It can't be the perceived overpricing as seen in the SRX. So must it all come down to the badge, again? I guess those with 75 large to spend don't really want any mystery surrounding their vehicles. They'd prefer a reaction like "Did you see Frank in his new Mercedes-Benz? He's so tan", as opposed to "Did you see Frank in that angular futuremobile that I don't recognize? It looked like he was driving a knife."

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