But unfortunately they don't drive one, which is kind of a bummer. The car's stealthy hybridness is highlighted, with miniscule exterior and interior distinguishing features. Also touched upon is why, according (nudge, wink, etc.) to a Honda exec, anyone would want to buy an Accord Hybrid: 1. The superb mileage. 2. It's faster than a V6 Accord. 3. Fewer trips to the pump. To me, the third reason seems more like a sub-reason of reason one, but the exec claims that "People don't feel safe at gas stations" and thus would be happy to visit them less frequently. The unsafe feeling theory is not supported in any way, so I guess we can feel free to offer a collective Lil' Jon-style "Whhhhhaaaaaaat?" AutoWeek spends the rest of the article explaining how the Accord's hybrid engine works, which isn't really too exciting if you've read about it ten times before, as I have. Can somebody just wake me up when the damn car gets driven? Thanks. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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