What do you get when you strip over 405 pounds from the already perky Neon SRT-4 and feed nearly 370 horses through the overworked front wheels?  We don't know (well, besides an SRT-4 Extreme Lightweight), but you'd better  a) hold onto the steering wheel for dear life when putting down the hammer coming out of a turn and if you're like me you should b)  avoid standing up for a few minutes.   Taking a cue from other factory hotrodders,  the mad scientists at Mopar applied the tried-and-true principle of automotive go-fasterism:  strip off everything you don't need, replace what you do with carbon fiber, bolt on a bigger turbo, and orchestrate it all with fancier fuel management.  The result is a front wheel drive car that hits 60 in 4.7 seconds and rips off the 1/4 in twelve and a half seconds.   

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