Car and Driver tidily sums up the Hummer H2 as selling "more on its affectations than it abilities." As such, GM will have to do something to validate the upcoming H-Thrizzle Hummerette. They've decided on highlighting the ruggedness angle (pretty risky, huh?) and to emphasize just how tough and brutish the H3 can be, they set up an off-road excursion on the world-famous Rubicon Trail, on which five H3 prototypes were charged with simply surviving. And surprisingly, the H3s didn't fail spectacularly. Their optional 33-inch tires were the only semi-specialty modification needed to combat the jagged surfaces, and they seemed quite comfortable in the adverse conditions. Of course, this kind of validation is meaningless when you think of where H3s will actually be used: on paved highways, secondary roads and parking lots. Digits you crave: 220-hp, 225 lb./ft., 4800 pounds, $30K.

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