Love it or hate it, you must admit that much functional carbon fiber strapped to the back of a vehicle is a beautiful thing. Designed by Mitsubishi to increase downforce at racetrack speeds, the wing in question comes as a factory option on the 2003 and up Lancer Evolution - although most dealers sell the car with the wing already attached.  Apparently more than one owner has been ticketed by law enforcement that mistook the park bench as an illegal rearward visibility obstructing weapon of mass destruction.  In most of those cases, a quick trip to the judge with Mitsubishi documentation  will result in the dropping of charges and a good laugh by all.  Not so in this particular case.  The judge actually declared the suspect guilty and proceeded to fine him $346.90 (which incidentally could have been used to purchase 42 copies of "Straight Outta Compton").  Good thing for us law abiding citizens, the Evo RS comes standard with no wing at about $3,000 less to boot.

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