Fortunately the test car was equipped with drool-proof paint sealer, an option no one ever thinks they need until it's too late. Automobile's founder David E. Davis, Jr. heaps praise on the RL's Super-Handling AWD system, which he compares to the equally transparent all-wheels-churning equipment on the Bentley Continental GT. The 300-hp VTEC six yields plenty of thrust, the delivery of which can be tailored with the RL's semi-manual paddle shifters. But being engaging to drive is apparently not enough, since as I'm sure you know, RL stands for Ridiculously Luxurious. No surface has been overlooked, and Acura has even seemingly paid attention to the Nav system, one of the few techno-maps that doesn't induce cartophobia, a clinical fear I just now invented. Not mentioned in the article is Acura's unique pricing strategy: one price, no options, fully loaded. Besides being convenient, it makes Audi, BMW and Mercedes seem like a bunch of cheap bastards trying to wring every last dime from their customers.

Autoblog's Dave Thomas presents his in-person impressions of the RL here.

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