A German pensioner (a.k.a. senior citizen, a.k.a. retiree, a.k.a. ancient decrepit codger) stranded at a train station in the town of Gronau flipped his wig after police told him that even though the train he needed wasn't running for a day and a half, they would not take him home or get him a hotel room. The man spoke to the officers in the station, but after receiving the bad news, he hobbled to the car park to partake in some crazed crutch-swinging, during which he broke the police car's lights and mirrors and put a few terrific dents in the body panels. The officers found the man sitting among the broken pieces. Upon being discovered, he said, "That's what you get, I've made a nice mess of it for you," and then informed them that he would have inflicted more damage had his crutch not broken. The man was fined 3,000 euros, but it was truly the police who were taught the most expensive lesson: don't trust old disabled people.

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