The UK mag AutoExpress is reporting that BMW's new M-tuned 3-Series, due to arrive in Britian in 2006, will use a V8 making 400-hp, which is news to us. The article also strangely claims that the new M3 will be slightly slower to sixty than the current model, despite having 67 more hp— perhaps it stems from AE merely spying it on the back of a transporter, and not driving it, or hearing about anyone driving it. A more compact engine design and longer wheelbase should keep the car balanced and help it match or exceed the current gen's handling. Gear ratios will be controlled via six-speed manual or six- or seven-speed SMG, and its skin will be greatly influenced by the E60 M5 design. I wish we could judge this last tidbit for ourselves, but alas, AutoExpress refuses to post its spy photos on the web. Can anyone, Britons especially, help us out?

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