It seems BusinessWeek's Kathleen Kerwin (a news analyst) doesn't think Finnbarr O'Neill can pull off a Mitsubishi turn around. She states that other analysts don't believe new models like the Eclipse and Raider pick-up will sell well and that the company's quality picture is bleak. The only bright spot seems to be the Lancer Evolution. While that may be true, I think the company only needs to do minor refreshening to make the Galant a real player in the sedan market (rear folding seats, revised center console and more sound deadening material). They've already made the Outlander more powerful and the Endeavor has even gotten upgrades. They need to redesign the base Lancer and the images of the next gen Evo look amazing. Maybe BusinessWeek is a bit quick in its assumption that Mitsubishi will disappear. The only problem the company has is getting folks to consider them as an option when they're shopping for a new car and maybe the new Hyundai like warranty will get folks in the door. Because no matter how bad they're seen now, Mitsubishi's vehicles are still heads and tails above the Koreans as far as performance.  

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