It what is billed in Dodge's press release as an extreme value to customers, looks more to me like a way to repackage slow sellers. A "Limited Edition" of the company's aging models, and low powered popular ones, is just one way to get these cars off the lot. Dodge Neon, Stratus Coupe and Sedan, Magnum, Caravan and Grand Caravan SXT models will feature options like Sirius Satellite radio, leather seating, Boston Acoustic stereos and more for no cost. That's a great deal if you're looking to buy a model that will soon be replaced like the Stratus and Neon. And for those few who want a V-6 version of the Magnum they'll get the very nice Boston Acoustics system, 6-disc CD changer, sun roof, SIRIUS and a cargo organizer. That's not so bad and will make up for the fact that there's no Hemi under the hood. But it seems the Magnum SXT starts at $25,995 and the Limited Edition version is $27,995 so these options aren't really "free" even if it's worth the $2,000. In the end the idea still seems like a smarter way to sell cars than offering extreme incentives. 

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