No, it's not a Swedish Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band, you damn hippy. But it is one of my favorite cars right now, an 800+ horsepower sex machine that aims to become the fastest road car in history by breaking the 250 mph barrier and displacing the McLaren F1. The CCR is largely a carbon fiber enterprise, with some of the most dramatic doors on the planet, doors which make your typical Lambo setup look boring and sad in comparison. The interior's most striking component is the extra-tall gearshifter sitting mere inches from the steering wheel, and the alcantara-trimmed center console is remarkable in its simplicity. Some fortunate bastard at Auto Express actually drove a CCR, and claims it remarkably easy to drive, especially at low speeds. Of course, when you get into it, and it's impossible not to, a 3.2 second ride to 60 does a number on your poor kidneys. The CCR, despite being a decidedly young car, also brakes, steers and handles as well as its far more established exotic rivals. The price on this 'egg is— get your defibrillator paddles ready— £407,000, the American equivalent of just over $725,000.

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