Sorry for the misleading headline, Ford cars still look the same this morning. Actually Ford will be giving away six cars to different families on ABC's breakthrough show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show is actually a feel-good series that helps needy families by renovating their home. Now the families will get a new Ford vehicle too. The company plans on giving a new Five Hundred Sedan, Freestyle crossover, Mustang coupe, Escape hybrid and Super Duty pickups to appropriate families on the show. I don't know any folks tough on their luck that "need" a Mustang but it would be a great present to an ailing teenager. Ford sees the show as an alternative way to market and in the new TV landscape of TiVo it's one of the sure ways (and cheap) to get your products seen. If you watch the show you know these folks deserve all the stuff they get. And to answer the next question…yes I watch it too.

[Via Auto Insider]

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