17-year-old Laura Hatch was discovered 200 feet down into a wooded ravine near Seattle, WA yesterday, after having spent over a week in her wrecked Toyota Camry. She was last seen at a party on October 2nd, and many, including the authorities, theorized that she was a runaway. The search for Laura proceeded slowly because other party attendees initially refused to reveal where the gathering occurred because, surprise, there was underage drinking going on. During the search, Sha Nohr, the mother of one of Laura Hatch's friends, claims she had a dream involving a wooded area and the message "Keep going, keep going." The next morning, Nohr and her daughter drove to a wooded area resembling the one in the dream, where they found Laura. Hatch is currently being treated for dehydration, broken bones and a blot clot, and Sha Nohr is being heavily recruited by the Psychic Friends Network.

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