Bob Lutz, the guy who insures that GM actually makes stuff, oversees another not insignificant trove of autos— his own. The Car Connection toured Lutz's lush grounds recently and took stock of the amazing cache of ancient lovelies he possesses.
Commence slobbering below.

Among the highlights are a yellow 1934 LaSalle convertible (in which Lutz sits and pretend to smoke, above), and, in order, below: a green 1934 Riley MPH Sports Competition Roadster, a 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Coupe owned by his father, two 1952 Cunninghams, and a 1955 Chrysler 300 coupe fitted with Koni shocks and 14-inch Corvette brakes. To read the stories behind the cars, including why the Aston Martin ?wasn?t ostentatious,? spend some time over at TCC.

Riley Roadster

Aston DB2


Chrysler 300

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