Well maybe not so much right there— they probably just know people who know people who have the right kind of cameras, designed specially for capturing preproduction cars invisible to your regular tourist-variety lenses. AW's best snag here is the Z06, which seems to feature a removable hardtop, lightweight wheels, Brembo binders, and, since these spy photo cameras double as portable X-ray machines, a 500-hp 7.0 liter V8. Regarding the the Ferrari F430: zoinks Scooby, it looks exactly like the coupe, but it has a black canvas top and is hardly disguised otherwise— although those red mirrors really threw me for a loop. AutoWeek also stakes a late claim on the new Toyota sports car (codename TXS) we posted about last week, which they think could possibly be the next Supra even though it's rumored to sticker for over $100K. If that's true (which I'm pretty sure it isn't), offering a $100K+ Supra could be the biggest worst-est most horrible-est mistake of Toyota's life.
F430 Spider

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