To be plain, the SRX and LR3 have different purposes in life. The SRX is all about putting the sport back into Sport Utility Vehicle, and LR3 about providing the utility. The SRX is not roomy or cheap, but when optioned out it's well-equipped, agile, and actually fun to drive. This makes sense, since it's 1500 pounds lighter than the LR3 and built on a sports sedan chassis. The LR3 is a vast improvement over the Discovery, but it still feels "like a brick on wheels." It can cart you and your stuff over a mountain in an environment jam-packed with whizbang gadgetry, but in general it prefers to take its sweet-ass time wherever it goes. To preclude unnecessary nail biting: Automobile Magazine prefers the SRX, calling it their favorite mid-size SUV.
Note: I've seen maybe three SRXs on the road, ever. I'm guessing that despite the awesome reviews it consistently receives, it's just too damn expensive (almost $60,000 equipped with the V8, AWD, and the luxury trimmings) for most potential buyers, who'd prefer a porky, unremarkable Escalade at that price point.

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