The Blue Ovality scored a double victory in the federal government's model year 2005 fuel economy survey by bringing the 31 mpg Escape Hybrid and 29 mpg Ranger pickup to the party, both segment leaders. While these vehicles may elicit maniacal resounding laughter from the vehicle named most efficient overall, the 60+ mpg Honda Insight, the high placing of the Escape and Ranger are significant for Ford's public perception, since they are best known for their mammoth road-hogging pickups that don't exactly replenish the ozone layer. Among the list's cellar-dwellers are the Dodge Ram pickup, getting a sorry 12 mpg on the highway, the Mercedes-Benz G55 with a dismal 14 mpg, and pretty much all of the V12 supercars, like those from Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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