You can insert another generically whiny "why don't we get this car in America" routine here.  One would think that after having asked so many times, Ford would just give in and bring its cool cars here for my personal enjoyment. But no. They aren't listening— they're too busy building the industry's most fuel efficient trucks, apparently. The nasty new Ford Performance Vehicle named the F6 Typhoon is the perfect example of a car I could really use. A turbo six making 360-hp and just over 400 lb./ft. of redwood-uprooting torque packaged in a sedan that doesn't call too much attention to itself, yet is still smart and evil enough to steal your girlfriend right out from under you. Other nifty parts include a Tremec six-speed box, an AP Racing clutch and a not inconsiderable front-mount intercooler that, when perceived in a rearview, requests that you kindly move the hell over.

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