In a bizarre local news story the workers at GM's Lordstown, Ohio's assembly line are actually sad to see the aging Chevy Cavalier go. Huh? How can you be sad to see one of the oldest production cars leaving for good, and having something fresh and shiny like the Cobalt to replace it? Especially since you'll be building the Cobalt? It's not like they're losing their jobs or anything. I don't know how anyone could get emotional over a Cavalier. It seems like the workers will be too busy to shed a lot of tears. They have to outfit the entire plant with new equipment for the Cobalt. The plant will have to take it slow though since there will be so much new training involved in building the much more sophisticated Cobalt. "If it means we only build such-and-such so we learn, that's what we have to do. You can't ship that to a customer until it's done right,'' one union organizer said.

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