The light-swallowing vortex at right is actually Lamborghini's R-GT prototype, the car that will put the outfit's limited track experience to use on the street. The Murci R-GT will see an 0.3 liter increase in displacement to 6.5 liters, and it's rumored that the improved V12 can push 745-hp, although the figure for production will be around 650-680, still enough to outrun the Polizia's Gallardo cruiser. Lambo's goal is to eclipse the Enzo's 3.5 second 0-60 dash and provide a more engaging drive, which shouldn't be too hard considering the last time I took the old boy out I was actually kind of bored with it and almost feel asleep taking a hard right at 120. Up next for the contorted bull is a convertible Gallardo, followed by an even more performance intensive version of that same Italian wedge, and let us not neglect the distinct possibility of an off-road vehicle, reminiscent of the LM002 from the late 80s, which probably my favorite vehicle at the time, after of course the Porsche 959. Ah sweet youth, how I miss thee.

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