The lads at Channel 4 got their mitts on Ferrari's 360-replacement and dissect the F430 with respect to reliability and quality, image, driving, performance, safety, maintenance costs, and comfort. The review's thoroughness provides a comprehensive look at a car that most will never get to experience, although that's not to say that many won't try to sell off their children for an opportunity. You've read the specs before, so I won't bore you with the numbers, but here are some more obscure highlights: there's the "Manettino," a knob used to select the proper traction control program with settings for ice, rain, sport, race and completely off; the car has no side airbags because Ferrari's crash tests showed they weren't needed; the glovebox can only be opened when the ignition is on; the F430 is blindingly fast and gorgeous. I know, the last point = not obscure. However, me = not caring. Just read the article and start evaluating post-heist getaway routes.

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