I was pretty surprised Sunday Morning when I read Jim Mateja's review of the new Pontiac G6 sedan. Not because he lauds the new model but because he suggests the Oprah stunt to give away 276 of the cars has marked it a woman's car. He says "The general rule is that women will buy a "man's car," but men won't buy a woman's car." Really? I didn't know that. I think men will buy it because it has done away with one of the oldest looking models still on showrooms. And there's the cool panoramic folding sunroof. Mateja does sum up the G6 pretty well, "What's important is that G6 is a stylish, roomy, quiet sedan that offers more head, leg and arm room than Grand Am plus a variety of features its predecessor never did."

UPDATE: Chicago Sun-Times reporter Dan Jedlicka also puts his two cents in about Oprah (he suggests Cobalt was the car they should have featured on the show) and the new G6 here.

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