Besides the cool sketch shown here, the Detroit News also provides a lively debate on the life of the new Dodge Charger. I suppose there is some dust-up about the fact the first model to wear the Charger emblem will be a sedan and not a two-door. But if Dodge follows up with a coupe as has been suggested I don't see what the big deal is. There's also discussion that the Charger might b e a flop. Does anyone think this will happen? At least the first year? Sales will most likely match the 300's. All the Dodge owners who want something with less flash and more muscle than the 300 will be eager to get in a charger. Plus it will have a NASCAR tie-in that the 300 will not. That might be as important as any other factor in its sales.

Update: Another sketch provided by Autoweek

Dodge Charger

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