Although the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class isn't even out yet, Brabus already has a substantial tuning kit primed for action. Yeah, I know, they toss the same old wheels on every damn car, but fortunately those wheels are pretty hot. The important changes are underneath the long bonnet, via power upgrades will be available for every model. For example, the already-swift CLS 55 will see a horsepower jump from 476 to 530. To complement the added thrust you may want to hear about the limited-slip differential, the obligatory sport exhaust, the lowered suspension, the numerous blanging (like blinging, but more so) interior accessories, and the extra exterior fasciae and valences and lips and skirts. The one thing Brabus can't seem to remedy, however, is Mercedes' insistence on calling the CLS a coupe, when in fact it is quite obviously a sedan.

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