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I saw my first Ford Five Hundy yesterday, moving briskly in the other direction on the highway. I suppose you're asking yourself, "So what, who cares?" but the point is I actually noticed it— it captured my attention as something unusual. Perhaps what grabbed me was the chrome reflective mirror covers, and maybe I instinctually thought the Ford was an Audi S-car, but the sea foam green color quickly disproved that theory. The headlight and grille setup was pleasant— it felt substantial and modern and overall the car looked less boring in real life. I didn't get my eyes on the back end since I didn't want to crash into the heavy, menacing, ruthless 18-wheelers surrounding me. Obviously this isn't the most thorough aesthetic assessment, but for a two or three second glimpse, I was quite impressed. If anyone else has seen a Five Hundred (or any very new car) in person, don't be shy, post up.

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