The well-lauded X5 is renowned for its sedan-like handling and ample power, but what if we toss the word "sports" into the mix— what if the X5 could be made to drive like a bona-fide sports sedan, with a potent engine? BMW engineers have answered the question: the X5 4.8is packs a 360-hp V8 that claws at the ground with 369 lb./ft. of torque put through "comically wide" 20-inch tires. The suspension has been augmented to a new level of stiffness to handle this power upgrade as well, so now the X5 really only shines during speedy, spirited motoring. Of course there's something satisfying about being able to drive an SUV like a sports sedan, but as Evo asks, what's the point? Why not just buy a sports sedan? The X5 isn't particularly roomy, it's pretty much useless off road, and at £61,880, it's really expensive. It goes to show that people don't necessarily buy cars (or hopped-up SUVs) because they fulfill a particular need, but rather simply because they want them, and because they can afford them.

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