Professional wrestling puns aside, the Supercrew Lariat seems to be a solid truck, albeit a pricey one, at just a tenner under 40 large. The vehicle takes the impressive F-150 architecture and adds an impressive cabin replete with excellent surfaces, plenty of room, and comfortable seats. The 5.4 liter Triton V8 creates 300-hp, falling a bit short of offerings from Nissan and Dodge. However, it is exceptionally smooth and quiet, which well matches the overall refined demeanor of the Lariat. Driving the large truck means understanding the vehicle isn't very excited about turning corners, and while it's happy barreling down a straight highway, you'll never forget that you're behind the wheel of 5600 pounds. In terms of practicality, the F-150's bed is made even more useful due to a light, well-balanced tailgate with an extender feature for portaging extra-long loads. Overall, the Supercrew Lariat seems hampered by its price and subdued engine. It gets the job done (not for cheap, though), but according to TCC, doesn't inspire any passion along the way.
[Via The Car Connection]

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