Since I know women like the Grand Cherokee, my fiancée drives one, this timely review on WomanMotorist caught my eye. The site exists because women account for a huge percentage of car buyers and rarely have reviews written with them in mind. Even though I think most mainstream press, and Autoblog, isn't slanted male, there is a market for this skewed viewpoint. But I'm really impressed with some of the items the reviewer decides to point out including the reduced glass to body ratio Chrysler seems to be pushing throughout its lineup. But even if this was a non-gender specific review I'd be satisfied by the scope of the reporting. The reviewer also tackles the interior before addressing the changes to powertrain and performance. But as someone who drives the previous model frequently, this is the most interesting part to me. Actually I'm upset there aren't more interior photos. And sure a Hemi would be nice, but we have a V6 anyway. The new Jeep also comes with an improved V6 as well so even those of us watching the wallet get a little something extra.

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