Dan Jedlicka takes on the new Ford Focus over at MSN and finds it to be a solid and sturdy update to an already solid and sturdy vehicle. That's saying a lot. But when you get down to it some of the things he mentions like "The all-new instrument panel is symmetrical; the driver and front passenger areas are divided by two rectangular climate control registers, hazard switch and a shallow center stack for the climate and audio control systems," are a bit overstated with a quick glance of the picture here. Do the two air vents really separate the driver from passenger side in any way? I think he's looking a bit too close. Plus the center stack looks awkward with the new Ford stereo squeezed in an existing console.

And it is another review touting the new style. ?The Focus does have a cleaner, more substantial look, although it still doesn?t begin to stand out in parking lots. There?s a restyled nose, new hood and slightly larger grille?and recontoured front fenders merge into more conventional-looking headlights.? Yes, conventional. That?s what everyone should be shooting for. Sigh.

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