I hate to point out faults in such an outrageously powerful vehicle. But that is the tough life of the auto journalist/blogger. Almost every complaint comes from the interior/exterior of the car which isn't a fault of the V team. All the performance enhancements to the standard CTS should be heralded, even if we still can't logically explain a need for 400 horses in a Cadillac.

The most glaring issue with the car is the fit and finish. Not everything is horrible and that?s the problem. Some things, like the curvy satin chrome door handles, are top notch. But then something as simple as the power window, mirror buttons are clunky and not that sensitive.

The diamond cut pattern of black molded plastic looks great on the dash and doors. I like it and it is brand specific to Cadillac. I just think it looks horrible when applied to the otherwise hot leather-wrapped steering wheel. The air vents steal directly from Saab and therefore feel a bit European and upscale. One V team touch is the door sill insert, nice.

If we start talking about the stereo interface I get really upset. I?ve tried numerous times to fix the EQ to the way I like it on the digital screen. Every time I change from radio to satellite radio to CD it switches back to where it was and I have to readjust. I might need time with the manual, as readers like to say, but after all the cars I?ve been in, a radio should be somewhat intuitive, even this one.

Outside, my only beef is the front grill. Did we really need the shiny steel mesh grill? It is a bit too much for me, but I prefer a stealth look. The CTS-V is the ultimate stealth performance sedan until you see that grill.

The only real performance issues I have are the sluggish shifter and the parking brake. Parking brake you ask? Yes, it seems since the CTS was never thought to have a manual transmission the brake couldn?t be moved to a hand brake on the center console next to the shifter. Instead you get a foot brake that screams ?old man? car. It?s not like I?m planning on going drifting in the CTS-V, not now anyway, but even so it?s hard to get used to an extra pedal near your left leg and clutch.

That wasn?t so bad was it?

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