The French automaker Venturi has done what big deal mainstream automakers need to do: produce an electric sports car to get people excited about alternative fuel possibilities. Although I suppose it's yet to be seen if the Venturi will excite anyone besides me. The Fétish uses a 245-hp motor, but it only needs to shuttle 1773 pounds around (thanks, aluminum and carbon fiber), meaning a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds. Its top speed is 106 mph, and range on a single charge is 217 miles. I mean, sure, the $480,000 tag is steep, but if Toyota could produce the Volta sports car with similar performance for under $100K (which it's rumored that they can), we'd see that electric cars aren't limited to being sluggish, boring, and 100 percent not sexy, which is how most people seem to perceive them.

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