And like all good marques, the S stands for increased horsepower. Honestly, earlier today, I was thinking to myself, "You know, I really want to like the Vanquish. It's pretty quick with its 460-hp V12 and all, but it just seems a sandwich or two short of a full picnic." Apparently someone was listening, because making itself known at the Paris carstravaganza is a 520-hp iteration of the Vanq, which I now adore. The car can demolish the 200 mph barrier, and at that speed you'd be hard pressed to spot the other changes, like a redesigned grille and trunklid shaped to keep the rubber side down. Larger six-piston binders have been added as well, because if you can't stop the darn car, what good is it? Do you expect hot chicks to just take a flying leap and jump into the passenger seat while the car is running around at high speeds? Yeah, I kind of think they will too.

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