The Paris Motor Show is now well underway, and one of the early expected products released is Porsche's revamped Boxster. Porsche's CEO claims the goal with P-cars is "evolution versus revolution," which is abundantly clear from looking at Porsche's history in model development. The new Boxster looks pretty much just like the old one. The roadster is slightly more aerodynamic now, with a wider track helped out by wider wheels and tires. The base engine is now a 2.7 liter, 240-hp piece, while the Boxster S gets a healthy 3.2 liter flat six making 280-hp and squelching critics who claimed the Box was underpowered. Apparently Porsche has figured out a way to include $4000 of extra equipment (more airbags, four-caliper brakes, new audio and stability systems) into the Boxster while only raising MSRP by $800. Although sales have been mediocre this year due to coming replacement, the Boxster's success has allowed Porsche to remain independent. The company plans a more evenly-spaced rollout strategy in the future, since many believe that waiting eight years between generations is just too freaking long.

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