A Greek taxi driver working the streets of Greece's second largest city Thessaloniki, has put 2.8 million km on his Mercedes 240D since purchasing it in 1981. Besides hauling people around Greece, the driver used the car as a medical transport vehicle to drive to Belgrade during the Balkan conflict. The distance the car has traveled, equivalent to about 1.7 million miles, could likewise be achieved from taking six trips to the moon and back, or driving around the planet 82 times. It is however impossible to do either of these, since cars can neither fly nor drive across oceans without extensive modification. The 240D will be donated to Mercedes' Stuttgart museum tomorrow, and I don't think anyone will be surprised if MB gives the ex-owner a free replacement. Mercedes thinks the mileage is the most ever recorded on one of their cars. In other news, if a 2005 Mercedes makes it to 50,000, it will likely also find a place in the museum.

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