After a day around town getting only 36 mpg, we hit the road this weekend to visit a dog breeder about a new puppy. We left early in the morning Sunday heading to Indiana from Chicago. The first highway experience was pretty impressive. I was worried the car would be sluggish at high speeds but it was as able as any economy to midsize sedan with a four cylinder engine. But we could also hear, and feel, every groove of the road.

The Prius feels fine around town but at highway velocity the quality of the road means the difference between pleasure and pain.

The seats are mildly comfortable but after the four-hour roundtrip there were plenty of back aches and my fianc?e complained that the headrest was as hard as a rock when she tried to recline all the way.

The seats were irrelevant when we were hitting bumpy Indiana roads. I?m sure we looked pretty funny to passers by with our heads jostling back and forth. We also used the GPS navigation. It took us a while to figure out how to get the destination to take effect but after that it was fairly intuitive. The only thing to save the trip from total physical distress was the 46+ mpg we got. I still can?t figure out why the car only got 36 mpg around town when the hybrid is supposed to be better in city traffic.

*I?m also looking for a name for the new dog. Anyone have an idea? She?s a brindle boxer that will of course become the unofficial Autoblog mascot. Anything automotive might be fun but we?ve already nixed the name Hemi.


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