Over the next few 365 day periods, General Motors plans to whip up 50 new engine variants and 10 new six-speed automatic tranny variations. Which could very well mean making one new engine and one new transmission and then making modifications as needed. Saab fans will be sort of pleased to see the company getting some love via turbocharged 2.8 liter V6 reportedly good for 250-hp and 258 lb./ft., to be employed in the 2006 9-3. Coincidentally (or perhaps not so), those are the exact same numbers made by Saab's current Aero engine, which is a 2.3 liter inline four. Two extra cylinders and no extra power? C'mon now. Another 290-hp gasoline V8 is planned as well, plus a hybrid V8 system by 2007 that will have a cylinder-deactivation-style displacement on demand feature added to the hybrid tech in order to raise SUV fuel economy by 25 percent.

Clarification: the current Aero engine mentioned above is found in the 9-5.

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