With concrete numbers finally available for the Accord hybrid, Honda is working on marketing it to an audience that may not be willing to pay extra for it simply because of the fuel economy, a lesson they learned the hard way with Civic hybrid. For one thing, the sedan will cost $30,000, and (typically) consumers dropping 30 large want more than just good mileage. So Honda is trying to highlight the performance aspect of the Accord, touting its V6 helped out by an electric motor packing 16-hp and 100 lb./ft., giving the overall package 255 clydesdales to harness and a not insignificant 232 lb./ft. to wrangle. The estimated fuel numbers are 30 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway, almost identical to the Civic hybrid. Honda's other main challenge is figuring out how to shill the hybrid in light of its visual similarity to the regular old Accord. I say throw a wing and some big ol' "HYBRID POW-R" (with a red R) badges on there and call it a day.

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