Don't we all. But the Blue Oval wants them for less debaucherous purposes, like for winning car races, and they are therefore holding an extensive search for women drivers who could eventually end up somewhere as visible as NASCAR. The overwhelming number of responses Ford has received is encouraging, but it doesn't make narrowing the pool any easier. So they're being extremely thorough about it, putting the women, most in their late teens, through a battery of tests to assess driving skills (obviously), physical fitness, cognitive ability, and media-wrangling. Ford even called in Indy 500 vet Lyn St. James (above, telling the talent to talk to the hand) to critique the applicants' hot laps on various tracks around Indianapolis. Ford racing honcho Dan Davis summed up the crusade for a female driver as "Someday a woman is going to win a Cup race; someday a woman is going to win the championship. When that day comes, we want her in a Ford."

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