After waxing historic about the Charger nomenclature and discussing influence and platform and rationale, Car and Driver finally reaches the pithy stuff: what the 2006 Charger will look like, and what it will do. It's going to be a sedan because large-bodied coupes really aren't moving too well these days— see Pontiac's GTO for proof. The chassis will be taken from the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300C, so we can expect a long wheelbase and high, imposing beltline. The rear-wheel propulsion will be generated in the base model by a 3.5 liter V6 dispatching 250-hp and 250 lb./ft., and in the Hemi'd version by the 5.7 liter 340-hp V8 we're familiar with from applications in the Mag and 300. Sadly, it seems the transmission will be a five-speed auto with a cheesy watered-down manumatic capabilities. Sniff. And there's still no word on any really fast Charger, like one carrying a 6.1 liter 425-hp Hemi in the upcoming 300C SRT-8. It's possible that DaimlerChrysler doesn't want the sedans competing against each other, which they will probably do anyway since they're priced nearly identically. The Charger is predicted to run from $26,000 to $30,000.

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