Call it Ford Day but we've got new pictures of the Ford Mustang from our favorite Desktop background supplier Serious Wheels. These include the prerequisite beach shots, in front of Hollywood sign image, mixed between classic cars photo and more. But most interesting are the stock images in hues we haven't seen yet, especially my coveted black GT. But all the colors are refreshing and look good on this frame. Why do we link to Serious Wheels? Because they do a great job of taking press photos and presenting them in a more eye-pleasing fashion than trying to navigate a corporate site. They also recap the pricing if you missed it in our story earlier this week. Get into the V6 base for $19,410 and the GT at $24,995. The base car also looks great with the white stripe on it. The smallest complaint to Ford: No offense but on close inspection the wheels have a boring Ford logo in the center. Why not a Mustang emblem?

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