After finding a suitably rust-free Mustang Fastback from 1965 or 1967, Unique Performance strips the car, refinishes the frame, and bolts on myriad serious parts. For the GT500E, they start with a massive engine in the form of a 465-hp Windsor that can also be massaged to 525 or 725-hp, and then add a roll bar, Griffin radiator, JBA headers, Baer brakes, and new suspension equipment. The result is a classic looker that goes like stink in a straight line while providing an authentic 60s muscle car driving experience. There's also a smaller, lighter 350SR model available, for those who only need 400 horses to get around. Figure anywhere from $100K to almost twice that to help you relive your formerly-irretrievable glory days. Muttonchops are not included in the price— you'll have to grow your own.

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