David Welch and David Kiley do an excellent job dissecting what GM's new head honcho Mark LaNeve needs to do to bring the automaker's entire line-up on par with Cadillac's turnaround. LaNeve, of course, was promoted because of his work on Cadillac and he has a huge job ahead of him in revitalizing the rest of GM. The story makes many good points, but I think misses the mark on a few areas. First, "Saturn is moving closer to Honda and Volkswagen, with Euro styling and expensive-looking interiors." OK, what interiors would this be? I sure haven't seen any and while the old Saturn ads were VW reminiscent, that doesn't translate to the vague feeling driving the cars entails. The story also states that many of the new GM products, outside of Cadillac, have received a tepid response in the press. That could be because not many have driven the G6, Cobalt and range of new vans yet.  I'm still confident Pontiac has the quickest turn-around with vehicles like the new G6 and Solstice on the way. Buick's new LaCrosse will sell to its demographic very well. But Saturn, poor Saturn. It needs major surgery from the ground up.

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