My Health teacher in elementary school refused to have her picture taken because she believed that every time a person was photographed, a piece of his or her soul was stolen. Fortunately, cars, being inanimate objects, have no souls, and we can ogle pics of them all freaking day long with no adverse consequences. And ogle we shall, in the case of this secret spy glimpse of the '06 Range Rover Sport, a more compact and, um, sportier, version of the big Rangie. It will come with four doors at first, and a coupe will arrive soon after, as promised by the insane concept vehicle. What we know of the engine options: a 200-hp 2.7 liter diesel V6 will be implemented (also soon to appear in the Jag S-Type), and don't forget the 270-hp 4.2 liter V8 ganked from the LR3. We've got to give two snaps up to Hans G. for the image. You go, Hans.

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