This is the diary entry I'm sure the automakers wish I didn't write. I'm going to round up all the things I don't like about the Corolla XRS. This doesn't reflect my final thoughts on the car, those will come to light tomorrow, just all the little hang-ups that annoy me on a daily basis.

Any car, economy or not, that costs $17-$20,000 needs to have a trunk release on the key fob. The XRS does not. This has got to be the easiest thing to do and anytime you leave the grocery store, arms full of bags, this will eat at you.

While I don?t generally care about badging on a car, that doesn?t mean a car company can do a half-ass job. The XRS has custom door sills which are pretty cool. But the floor mats clearly say Corolla S. Oops.

As readers mentioned in past days, the color schematic of the stereo and gauges do not match. The gauges are a pleasing red and white, while the stereo and climate controls glow a bland green. This doesn?t add much to the otherwise aesthetically pleasing interior. As the lights assault the eyes a loud beep when in reverse will irritate the ears. While I think the idea of a signal once you get the 6-speed transmission in reverse is a good idea (the difference between first gear and reverse is a big one), leaving it beeping the entire time the gear is engaged seems like overkill. Plus it isn?t beeping outside the cabin where pedestrians would benefit.

While I like the sound quality of the stereo the head unit is hard to reach and the controls (especially volume) aren?t user friendly. Also why no steering wheel mounted controls like the Mazda3?

Like a Band-Aid being ripped off, I try and keep these diatribes as short and to the point as possible. Tomorrow I?ll kiss the booboo and make everything all better.

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