AutoWeek traffics chiefly in superlatives while doling out the praise for the sorely-needed Discovery replacement, the LR3. The vehicle's on-road manners are "stellar," its ergonomics "world-class," and its platform "ingenious." And it can still kick ass in rugged off-road situations.    The interior has been completely redesigned thanks to the aforementioned platform, which moves the fuel tank and drive shaft to strategic inconspicuous locations to create a cavernous and versatile inside space, with equal room for every passenger, including those in the third row. The 4.4 liter Jaguar V8 makes 300-hp and presents 85 percent of its ample torque at 1500 rpm. The engine is modified so that it can operate at insane angles for hill climbing and descending, and it's also sealed to wade through 28 inches of water. Plus Terrain Response technology allows the LR3 to adapt its fully-independent suspension to multifarious on and off-road conditions. Two flavors of LR3 will be available, the SE at $44,995 and the HSE for five large bills more.

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