The forthcoming highest-spec LeSabre replacement will make use of a V8 engine, a decision generating internal strife in regards to how the car will be marketed next to its inferior V6'ed sibling. GM speculates that the V8 model may cost as much as $8,500 more than the sixer, and executives are wondering what distinguishing features besides the bigger engine and an additional pair of "portholes" can be used to justify the price. (Buick has this retro porthole scheme going on with its cars, a styling cue on the front quarterpanel in which three portholes signifies a V6 and four represent an eight cylinder.) Dubs have already sadly been ruled out because the car's suspension was not designed to cope with the bumpy ride that 20s can cause. And why would anyone buy a Buick if it didn't have that serene, comfy, couch-esque ride?

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