Sometimes we come across stories that inject real-life into our car fanatic fantasy world here at Autoblog. Since we usually try and make posts lively and energetic, a story like this one about new signs that ask people to drive safely along with the name of someone killed at that location doesn't really fit into our mold. But it is an interesting bit of dramatic realism in today's world. Even though auto fatalities are falling there is still a lot of death on America's roads. In Evergreen, Colordao the first sign under a new state law memorializes Collin Lipinski Fisher who died after an SUV hit his car. The permant sign also makes up for another state law that makes homegrown memorials illegal. A one-time $100 fee is paid for by a victims family and the sign reads: Please drive safely, in memory of (victim's name). They remain in place for six years and are then turned over to the family.

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