I knew the Lexus hybrid SUV would be a big seller. Then a co-worker told me he had one on order. The car doesn't hit showrooms until 2005 and he has his name on a list? This kind of anticipation is acceptable for the new Mustang, heck even the GTO before we found out how bad it was. But an SUV that looks the same as it did when it first debuted with a new powertrain and name, Lexus is going with 400h not RX 330h. So what do my co-worker and the other 9,000 folks who ordered a 400h get for their early enthusiasm? Lexus says they'll give these wait-list customers shipment schedules and updated manufacturing information. But they'll also get to see the "birth" of their vehicle as dealers will be able to assign a customer's name to every 400h about to be built. That allows the buyer to follow the entire production process through delivery.

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