I swore I wasn't going to carp about how the U.S. needs the new Focus recently released for European consumption, but this news about a possible V6 Focus ST isn't making it any easier. Apparently the fiery iteration of the Focus, the projected centerpiece of the Blue Oval's display at next March's Geneva Motor Show, will be a potential GTi embarrasser since Ford is contemplating shoehorning a 2.5 liter V6 into the engine bay. The powerplant, yanked from the Mondeo, develops 217-hp, a major improvement over the current ST's 168 horses. Performance is supposed to equal that of the current-generation Focus RS, another car that's been a sore point for U.S. motorists. Three and five-door body styles will be adorned with bulging wheel arches and air scoops and aggressive bumpers, and for the quid-conscious, a diesel is in the pipeline as well. The Focus ST should go on sale in the UK by the end of 2005.

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